You are now equipped to lose weight and shed fat for good because:

  • You know the secret to weight loss is found in your hormones & how they work in your body.
  • You learned about the deceptions of the juice industry.
  • You know about your ‘appetite’ hormones and how they cause you to gain weight.
  • You understand that carbs don’t make you fat.
  • You learned about the effects of stress and weight gain.
  • You learned about the ‘most important fat-burning hormone’ in your body.
  • You have come to understand that all calories are NOT the same.
  • You learned how hormones affect your metabolism.
  • You understand why food is more important than exercise.
  • You learned about the dangers of certain ingredients hidden in the foods we eat.

When you say yes to the Hormone Hack Plan you will forever say GOODBYE to:

  • Those days of feeling run down, out of breath, and exhausted.
  • Sore knees, back, or joints that prevented you from enjoying life to the fullest.
  • Hiding in loose fitting clothes and wasting money on clothes that don’t fit.
  • Skipping out on trips to the beach.
  • Waking up groggy and unmotivated.
  • Being irritable and short towards those you love.
  • Being self-conscious in the bedroom.
  • Depleted energy levels and avoiding any physical activity.

And you will forever say HELLO to:

  • Wearing clothes that are snug and sexy.
  • The new attention you will get from your co-workers.
  • The looks of amazement from your friends wondering what happened to you.
  • The envy of men and woman half your age.
  • The excitement of walking around in a bathing suit.
  • The new, trim and energetic body that allows you to run, play and be active.
  • The confidence that exudes when you walk.
  • Waking up energetic and excited for the new day.

    And you finally have access to the most comprehensive Meal Planning System

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    Clients have paid substantial sums of money to work directly with Erin. In fact, paying thousands of dollars for personalized meal planning and coaching from her is not out of the question.

    Erin is so determined to share what she has learned with as many people as possible that she created this online and exclusive program for the absolute lowest cost possible. It has taken over 10 years of research and experience working with individuals with different goals and body types to create this program, and now… she is sharing it with a broader audience for the very first time.

    You will not find this program anywhere else. When we partnered with Erin we knew right away that she was the one who was going to bring real, sustainable change to people’s lives. She follows this exact plan in her own life. And at the age of 41, she is in better shape than ever before. Her down-to- earth personality is so well-received that she becomes a magnet for excitement and passion for everyone she meets.

    Against the advice of many professionals in the industry, Erin slashed the costs as far as she could and created what we believe is the most comprehensive and successful weight management system available today.

    Erin has one goal – to help as many people as she can attain the body they desire, in a healthy and sustainable way. She demystifies the nonsense being served to us by the food industry and relentlessly pushes back against the misleading advice promoted by the corporate titans of the fitness and nutrition world.

    People have paid thousands of dollars to access the information and advice laid out in this program. It is available to you, for the very first time, and for immediate access.

    Like us, you will come to know Erin and all that she stands for. Put her plan to work in your life, today.

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    About the Creator

    “I’m Erin, known as the foodprepprincess. You can follow me on Instagram where I show my tens of thousands of followers how to lose weight by eating delicious meals that shed fat and build lean muscle. I want to show you exactly what I do with my personal clients in the 28-Day Hormone Hack Plan. It’s taken me a decade to perfect this program in a format that allows you to achieve ultimate and life-long success without having to hire a face-to-face coach. It’s here! I want you to be the next person to experience the amazing results that my clients have experienced. This is the only place you will ever find this program at this price.”

    Erin is one of the most respected fitness and nutrition coaches out there. She is a sought after speaker, writer, presenter and workshop facilitator. She has authored books, manuals and programs that have been used by thousands of men and woman to shed fat and lose weight in as little as one month. She has been featured in the Life by Daily Burn, Food Network snapchat stories, The Kitchn,, Oxygen Magazine, and numerous meal prep social media sites. She’s recognized as one of the most influential ‘Meal Preppers’ on Instagram. She’s offering the 28-Day Hormone Hack Plan as an exclusive online program. Discover how you can access someone of Erin’s caliber by joining now.

    FAQs for Erin

    Q: I’ve tried every diet under the sun. Nothing seems to work. Why this?

    Q: Do I need to join a gym or purchase exercise equipment?

    Q: Will this work for men and woman?

    Q: I don’t have time to cook all these meals. Will this still work for me?

    Q: Am I too old to try to do this?

    Q: What if I decide the 28-Day Hormone Hack is not for me?

    Q: How soon can I begin?

    28-Day Hormone Hack Plan (28 days to the slim body you deserve)

    • The complete system.
    • Fully laid out, simple step-by-step meal planning for the next 28 days

    Welcome Guide

    • Introduction to the essential Five Pillars of success
    • Explanation of how to use each guide for weight loss and weight management

    Hormone Hack System: Food Prep Rituals

    • The exact 5 steps to prepare your meals in 2-3 hours for the entire week
    • The unique system Erin uses for her elite clients, laid out in easy-to-follow steps
    • Everything you need to prep like a champ
    • From cleaning produce to cooking, prepping & portioning

    Hormone Hack System: Grocery List

    • The grocery lists match each of the 4 weeks in the plan
    • Categorized list of items you’ll need for each upcoming week
    • Amounts provided for each food item
    • Easy, simple, and ready to use

    Hormone Hack System: Food Journal

    • Your personal journal to track your success each day for the entire 28-days
    • Keeps you focused and motivated to experience the success you deserve
    • Monitor how well you’re doing & keep track of your progress

    Hormone Hack System: Approved Food List

    • Healthy and fat-busting food list organized and categorized for you
    • Select the foods you love from each category
    • Combine them to form your own delicious meals
    • Easy to find at any supermarket, no boring or bland foods here!

    Hormone Hack System: Portion Sizing Guide

    • Learn the difference between Serving Size and Portion Size and how to ensure you follow the correct one
    • The absolute simplest way to portion size your meals so you are burning the most amount of fat
    • No scale or measuring required

    *SPECIAL BONUS* For a Limited Time Only! FREE COACHING

    When you click the ORDER NOW button you will get FREE daily coaching from Erin. Learn all the best tips and inspiration only a nutrition coach can give you. It’s like having her right there in your own home. You’ll receive emails every day with solutions for resisting temptations, tips for taking the best progress photos to capture your weight loss, how hydration can speed up your results and SO much more!


    • 28-Day Hormone Hack System
    • Hormone Hack System: Welcome Guide
    • Hormone Hack System: Food Prep Rituals
    • Hormone Hack System: Grocery List
    • Hormone Hack System: Food Journal
    • Hormone Hack System: Approved Food List
    • Hormone Hack System: Portion Sizing Guide

    $147 Only $47.00

    60 Day Money Back Guarantee

    You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our product, you are protected with our 60 day refund policy, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

    P.S. It’s Erin. Listen, you deserve to have a slim and trim body. This program will guarantee you finally get the body you’ve always desired and deserved. If you don’t take action right now, you won’t get to experience how that feels. I want you to experience it. Let me show you how.

    P.P.S. Remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose with our 60-day money back guarantee. This is the absolute best guarantee out there and the lowest cost system I have ever created. You’re only one click away from transforming your body for good. I will walk you through the next 28-days. Your transformation waits for you on the other side. Let’s do this together.

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